Can Cantonese people understand Mandarin? Yes, they can.

Someone asked me if the Cantonese people can understand Mandarin or not.

And he heard that Mandarin people can’t understand Cantonese.


Cantonese is a dialect of Chinese.

Mandarin is a formal language of Chinese.


People live in the north of China will speak so-called Mandarin. There are still dialects among those areas. But they will try to use standard Mandarin when they need to talk with people from other places.

Sometimes people from different places will speak different Mandarin with strong/weak accent or slang.


Cantonese is famous and was widely used in abroad.

But it is not that widely used if you look at the map.

Cantonese only be used in the central of Canton province/Guangdong province, Hongkong, macau and the main cities/towns in the west of Canton province, as well as several limited cities/towns in the eastern of Canton. 

And there are also many dialects of Cantonese.


 We also have hakka in Canton province from west to east.

And I heard that some people live in a near town can speak four local Chinese dialects/languages: Hai/Cantonese/Li/Hakka.



We chat in our local languages.

We choose the language to chat with depend on the listener.


Can Mandarin people understand Cantonese? 



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2 comments on “Can Cantonese people understand Mandarin? Yes, they can.

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    Cool. I have studied Mandarin Chinese for a semester and it was so overwhelming. I would be crazy if Cantonese and Fookien were included. 🙂

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