I was hoping to get some money to start a plan which I named it Kiitan to combine/use the information effectively in order to make the world a better place.

Since someone rejected it.~ I felt a little sad.


Facebook and Twitter are widely used around the world.

The Information Technology do changed how people live their life.


I think They could do better than just allow people learn about funny things or random thoughts.

Since the Internet is going to became a real world, people pay both time and money on it. We should think it more seriously.

When we are using internet in the next decade, we will wish to create something more valuable by nature.

Funny stories, interesting photos, wonderful videos are Great.

But we are all going to make money from the internet. 

We spend our time on the internet, why we don’t get paid?

We should be paid.

Life is time, time is money.


Even without mentioning the money, we all hope things could be better, be more valuable.


First, let’s figure out what is value.

Value means it makes sense.

IF we watched a bad/poor movie, we might say, it doesn’t make any sense.

Second, how do we make something value.

Only by using smart reasonable thoughts, we can make things have their value.

Our human being use specific tools to do specific tasks.

We have cellphone, computer because we needed to solve some sort of problems, then we thought about those problems. When we already knew how to deal with it, we want to do it more quickly, then we created specific tool, then we even improved it when we got better ideas. 


What I try to say/express is: Value=thoughts.

What you read on papers is valuable.

What the presidents read on their office is more valuable.

The top class people always have the access to the more valuable information, cause they paid to get the perfect answers/information from two or more people. A better information will helps people make a smarter decision.  


The more thoughts you added on a specific problem, the better solution you can finally get. 

Since we both have time to complain how boring we are or show off how happy we were.

Why not do something more valuable?


Actually, what we did and what we are going to do are all valuable.

They are not necessary to benefit other, but they do told the people around how we felt.

Do you like HTC or Apple? What about ZTE?

Companies would like to know how you feel.

The Companies may spend a big money to understand your thoughts on their products.

I heard that Facebook may sell your thoughts to the companies. And google is doing the same.

What I want is instead letting those stupid code analyse what we want, why not we just put all cards on the table.

When the companies get our thoughts, they can improve their products better, that will finally benefit ourselves.


I read a post on facebook, which my Korean friend said she is having a delicious  ice cream. And she uploaded a photo of that ice cream. 

Oh, That looks nice! I want to try it too. But is it expensive? What’s its brand?

Can I buy the same ice cream in China?

Surely, I wouldn’t ask so many questions about an ice cream.

So, I clicked LIKE. Then let it go.

What if I got those information I wanted?

IF they sells that ice cream somewhere nearby I will surely went out and brought one.


Group psychology.

If we see our friends have a smart phone, we also want a smart phone.

If they all have a golden golf ball, we might need to get one.


Enough information = Advertisement = brainwash   <<< don’t take it serious.


oh~.~  I typed so many words

tired .-


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