Feeling strange

I backed to school.

I have spent two and a half months at home for summer holidays


Last night, when I was at the platform, waiting for the train, the full moon was so beautiful.

And I suddenly felt extreme thirsty, I knew I was nervous.

But I did drink a lot, and it didn’t help.



I felt strange, felt my heart was up there, far from the land.

Nothing is supporting my heart. It hangs there in the air.



I still listen to the songs that I liked from five or six years ago.

I also have some new songs in my playlist from last year.

But Today is Today.

I feel it is so hard for me to get it back.

The peaceful thinking, the delight idling, the sweet chat with friends

They was there, in the past.




I am not saying i dislike the future.

I knew little about the world, I knew little about English, I knew little about the people out there.

I was not totally happy or feeling that good.



I would say, it was safe.

And I just don’t know what it is going to be.


There was nothing to be afraid of.

Though I do liked to escaped from one teacher I disliked.





I need to get used to this.

And i will put today as yesterday after another sleep at night.

I might like it, and i would finally like it.



Idling in the dreams. 

Dreaming to idle the time.

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10 comments on “Feeling strange

  1. stephglaser says:

    This is a moving poem. It’s very reflective and optimistic. Thank you for sharing.

    • hikint says:

      Thank you for Reading my posts.

      I would like to say, optimism helps you to live brightly, while pessimism helps you to see the dark.
      It is worth to keep an eye on the Environment.

      The importance of optimism and pessimism are the same.

  2. elamany says:

    Hi,, and how are you,, i have nominated YOU to the sunshine award,, i hope you visit my blog and respond,, thank you in advance,,, have a nice time 🙂

    • hikint says:

      ^_^ Sure
      I tried to learn some Arabic words from your posts.
      I wrote the “I love you” down xD
      It is really fun to write Arabic

      Can I ask you a question?
      Which Arabic counties do you come from?

      • elamany says:

        what is xD?

      • hikint says:

        ^__^ I want to make sure if I can learn Arabic from you.
        Some countries, like Iran, use the Arabic alphabet but that is not Arabic language at all.
        It is still hard for me to remember Arabic words.
        But I do enjoy learning it.

        I heard that Egypt dialect is the wildest used Arabic language.
        Besides there are some words actually Egyptian instead of Arabic.

      • elamany says:

        and why do you want to learn Arabic language?

      • hikint says:

        ^_^ I want to see things through my own eyes, instead of misleading by the press/news.
        I was curious about what was going on there.
        But mostly the information I read came from western.
        I just want to know what the local people felt when those things happened.

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