Chinese religion 我朝的宗教


For many people, both Chinese and foreign have no idea what is Chinese religion.

I am going to give you my opinion here, but you may not be able to apply it to other Chinese.

IT is just personal view.



What do we have in our soul and spirit?

Some people may believe in Buddhism, and some people are Muslim


I dont believe in those Gods.

Though most of them are so kind, and the words in the holy Books are kind of smart.

How can I believe someone I never meet and never going to meet when I am alive.-

I have no idea how they, the believers come to their religions.

I’d like to regard any kind of religion as a tradiction, a culture.

You saw it when you are young, you got used to it, you regarded it as a part of your life just as the religion was regarded a natural part of the local life.


You are not going to forget your religion cuz it should be a part of your life.


I don’t believe in Gods.

Am I atheist?


I do love how taoism explain the world.

Maybe not just taoism.

When I was asked what is my religion I always reply my religion is China.

Respect the natural, respect the people, respect the all.


How things happen how things end

How are we going to know?

Why do we need to know?



If you have an argument with another person, you two can’t tell who is the right one, then you may need the third person to help.

The third person may prefer my idea or prefer the second person’s idea. How can the third person decide it?

If the third person said I am right, am I really right?

If the third person said the second person is right, is he/she really right?



I might translate the chinese classcial books in next post ~




Just let’s have fun


個人認為 我朝的宗教就是 泛神OR 自然崇拜——




別的可以不信、天 總不能不信吧?


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