Chinese study guide 1

I wrote these for my friends.




here are some chinese pinyin convert sites



^^; then you can get Pinyin easyily


Useful links for chinese study…911737.913688.0.914448.…0.0…1ac.1.





one two three
一 二 三

can you practice these three chinese characters with your pen?

when you finish it, let me know, then we will move on,

OK, 好的
Next our Characters will be Ten and Eleven
and you need to tell me what will be Twelve and Thirteen

^_^!加油! Fighting!

有 have,There are << we are not going to learn this character this time.
有 有,存在有《〈这次我们就先不学这个字了
Question1 问题1
八 means 8, eight. 八即8,eight
What does 二十八 means? 那“二十八”是什么意思?

Practice1 练习1
try to write 人 which means people, person on the paper with your pen. 试着用你的笔在纸上写一下 “人”, “人”是指 人类,人

Practice2 练习2
add — inside 人 , makes it a 大, which means big
加 一横 在人字里面,将它写成 “大” 字, “大”意思是 big

大人 means adult

Question2 问题2
tell me what does 有二十八个大人 means.

Lesson 2 第2课
There is something is really important to learn in our lesson this time.
But we will try to see some old friends first.
个人 means personal.
geren 意为 personal.
we just mentioned it here.
characters can combined into a phrase.
just let you know xD
只是想让你知道一下 哈

the very important word here is 天
这里非常重要的词是 天
which means sky, day, and the name of God through all east asian countries.
天 意味着 天空, 日子, 还有 “天”在东亚诸国是为上帝之名。

一 add 大
one + big
the only one, the big, the everything. 唯一,大,所有。
means 天
即 天

but it also means day or sky.
但它也可以表示 day 或者 sky.

星期 means week, you dont need to remember this at this time.
月 means month, you will learn this at next lesson, but not this time.
xingqi 意思是 week, 这次你不用记这个。
yue 意思是 month, 下次课我们会学这个,但不是这次。

we just need these words to help with our questions.

天 means so much, but now we only focus on its meaning as”day”。
tian 有很多含义, 不过现在我们只关注它作为“day”时的含义。
there are seven days in a week.

Time for Q&A 问答时间
I know it won’t be easy this time. 我知道这次不会太简单了。
Cat* you need to try hard. 猫儿* 你要努力啦
I hope you can type the answer in Chinese. 我希望你能把答案输成中文。
You can type chinese with google translator.你可以用google 翻译器来输入中文。
there are words’ charaters that you need and their pinyin below.

Question 1 问题一
how do you express “there are 30 days in a month” in chinese? 怎么用汉语来表达”there are 30 days in a month”呢?
天/tian/ 有/you/ 月/yue/ 十/shi/ 三/san/ 一/yi/ 个/ge/

Fighting! 加油!

ps: I did forget to explain 个 in last lesson ^~^;
另外: 上次课,我真的忘记了要解释 “个”
sorry ha~
对不起 哈~Practice1 练习1
I have your phone number
我 I
有 have
电话号码phone number
make these chinese characters into a sentence 😉

There are only twenty eight days in February.

##小时 hour && 分钟 minute
there are sixty minutes in a hour.
分钟fenzhongAbout Chinese input
try this



You did really well this time!

我 有 你的 电话号码。 Correct!正确!
二月 只有 二十八天。 Correct!正确!
一个小时 有 六十个分钟。 should be应该是}》》 一个小时 有 六十分钟。
are you ready? xD
准备好没? 哈
Cat, you still remember 三, right? 猫儿,你还记得“三”,对吧?
so 王 won’t be diffecult to write for you。 所以“王”字 对你来说 不会 太难 写。

what’s 王?
什么是 王 ?

王/wang/ is king.王
王 就是 国王
and it is also a widespread family name in china.

了 is a very complicate word, we will talk about this in next next lesson. “了“是一个非常复杂的词,我们下下次课再谈它。
now we will look at 子, 现在我们会看一下 ‘子“
we use 子 to make up many words 我们用 子字来组合 很多词组
子 can means son. 子 可以是儿子的意思。
prince,the son of the king

Remember this words and try to write it on the paper




上下/shàngxià/ Up and Down вверх и вниз
山上 on the mountain
山下 under the mountain? xD on the foot of a mountain
上山 go up the mountain,uphill идти в гору
下山 leave the mountain ,downhill идти под гору

if you put 上下 together, you get 卡/ka3/ xD

if you put два гора 山山 together, you get 出/chu1/ xD
出 means out.
just let you have a look on these two characters, we will talk about them in the future,.

there is a mountain named 天山 in china.


天王 literal, the king of sky. but actually, there are too many 天王, so 天王 is the name of some god, this kind of god 天王 is not the top class. And we called Hongkong male super pop singer as 天王 too. The HK female super pop singer named 天后。 You can have a guess, what does the 后 means here.

天子 is the son of the God.
Our emperor
天上 on the sky/ heaven/ on the heaven.

上天 God

下天 Old Japanese usage, japanese use 下天 to mean the human world, the world under the god.

天下 /tiānxià/ мир / вселенная/ Китай

天下人/tiānxiàrén/ все люди << not common in modern chinese.



If 天王 means God, I think that 天后 – goddess? 后 means “queen”?

》》Yes! You are right!!

卡 means ‘a card’?

》》卡 could be used in two common things’ names, and used as a verb, and also used to translate western names.

卡片 card
卡车 truck/lorry

卡住了 get stuck

卡特 Carter


王 >>> 工
工 means work
工作 means work,job
take a guess, what does 工人 mean?

Here is a complex word, is it hard for you to write?
班 means Class, team, or rank in the army.
so, 班 implies an organization.

上班 go to work
下班 get off work
上学 go to school
放学 school is over

的/de/ a widely used word.
王子的 princess’s
天山上的王子 the princess of the Tianshan.
我 I
是 be/is/am/are
学生 student
我是王子 I am princess.
我是王子的 I belong to princess.
我是2班的学生 i am a student of class 2.<<< Hope this is a correct English expression.<
我是2班的 I am from class2.

Practise 1
I am a worker.
I have to go to work.
*得/dei3/ have to

得 have three ways to pronunciate, when it is read as dei3, it means “have to”


叫做 named
儿子 son
天子 Tianzi

The son of the chinese emperor( Tianzi ) named

小 little

Practise 2
translate this following sentence into english.



tell me what is the differences among
A 小王子上的大学
B 小王子上大学
C 小王子的大学
D 小王子大学
E 大王子小学
F 大王子上的小学
* 大学 Uni
* 小学 primary school
^^; just take a guess, i will tell you the answer later.猜一下就好了,晚些我会告诉你答案的。



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